A Case of Within Family Reincarnation in Japan?

Reincarnation studies are often examined on a case-by-case basis. Such is the account of Ohkado Masayuki who recently examined a case of a Japanese son who committed suicide¬†but was believed to come back in the form of his stepsister’s infant. Masayuki chronicles the evidence in his article, and the evidence is somewhat surprising.


First, the child born to the stepdaughter was reported to refer to his mother as stepsister (the previous son’s relation), while referring to his grandmother and grandfather as mother and father. There were also several instances where the infant cried on the day of the son’s death and would only be comforted by going to the dead son’s room. Other coincidences include knowing the son’s best friend by his nickname, and during an asthma¬†attack, stating, “I can’t breathe, but I won’t die. This time, I will live”.

Ian Stevenson, possibly the most distinguished expert in the field of reincarnation studies, noted that most inner family reincarnations have a sense of unfinished business with the family. This was the case with the child, who carried his great grandmother’s ashes during a funeral, stating that his promise was fulfilled. He also carried a birthmark at the same place where the deceased son had burned himself at the age of 18 or 19.

Was this a series of coincidences or evidence of reincarnation? You be the judge.

Submitted by Brian Laythe


Masayuki, O. (2016). A same family case of the reincarnation type in Japan. Journal of Scientific Exploration, 30, 524-536.


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  1. Reincarnation cases have been recorded worldwide involving recently deceased family members reincarnating as new family members, friends or acquaintances. Examples exist of individuals reincarnating as their own brother, sister’s son or born to another family within the same village.

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