Victim of the Evil Eye or Just Paranoid?

Ian Baker recently performed a study to see how personality factors would influence the belief in being watched or harm caused by the evil eye. To do so, Dr. Baker collected 2500 participants for his study. His results showed very small relationships between social anxiety, awareness of self, paranoia, and belief in “eye-energy”.

Likewise, Baker proposes from his research that remote staring beliefs also contain a paranormal perceptual awareness component. This component represents a general belief in the ability to perceive if others are staring at you or the perception of others staring creating a feeling of being watched. The eye-energy component corresponded to the belief that people could affect your well-beingĀ as a function of using their eye (AKA evil eye).

It is worth noting that the prediction of these variables is very small (affecting 1 to 2 % of belief in eye-energy. Thus, while significant, these personality factors are small contributors to the belief in paranormal eye energy.






Baker, I. (2015). The relationship of the feeling of being watched to paranoia, self-consciousness, and social anxiety. Journal of Parapsychology, 79, 203-218.